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Brazil Great

Since this form of generation of profits by means of the cultivation if accomplished as a sufficiently income-producing economy for the Portuguese crown, the devices, had started to be the main nucleus of the economic formation of the colonial times. The construction of these productive units needed a well-known investment in the infrastructure of the installations for the production of the sugar. That is, the great farming was a basic condition to consolidate a real investment in the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar. As I fall the Prado Jnior (1993): The culture of the sugar cane was only useful, economically, great the plantations. Already to tame the land conveniently (custosa task in this so hostile tropical and virgin way to the man) the congregated effort of many workers became necessary; she was not company for small isolated proprietors. This fact, the plantation, the harvest and the transport of product until the devices where if it prepared the sugar, only became profitable when carried through in great volumes.

In these conditions, the small producer could not subsistir (P. 36). Ahead of such context, the installation of these devices represented in fact, the formation of first the land property in Brazil, and thus, the large state was if crystallizing each time more in the Brazilian economic conjuncture. Moreover, inside of the proper conjuncture of the cultivation of the sugar cane-of-sugar, it is I validate to stand out that the existence of social relations marked by a patriarcal and authoritarian text starts to be an inherent predicate the figure of the Brazilian agricultural aristocracy. These characteristics in fact are something of singular relevance for a bigger agreement it present study. It is the device, or as I fall the Prado Jnior, ' ' property canavieira' ' the basic element to arrive at an agreement on the agrarian formation in Brazil. A time that, all the structures onslaughts in that great territorial extension, as great house, senzala, milling, house to purge, beyond estrebarias and areas of pastures, represented of clear form, that the means of production were at the hands of the aristocratic elite.

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