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Portable Media Center Functionality

Pmp – portable media player. Portable Media Player is a device lets you play audio and video format. History of development began in the summer of 2003 when the company manufacturer Archos has been showing its development, portable media player called AV300. But, while video content has not been as popular and easily accessible. Now […]

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TVs Typical Fault

Typical malfunction lcd tv Repair lcd TVs in some cases reduced to a complete replacement or repair of a pulsed power supply, dc / ac converter (inverter) power lamp lights, tv signal decoder, transmission tubes and other components that participate in forming the image tv. When repairing the lcd (LCD) televisions and monitors are often […]

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Hoods: Features And Nuances

Hood has long ceased to be something amazing, special, unusual. Now this device is equipped with almost all the apartments and cottages, where there is a kitchen. Hood is necessary for removal of contaminated air, to eliminate odors emerging from the use of stoves, cooktop or oven when you fry, bake or simply reheat food. […]

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