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But messages subliminares are not newness. The film ' ' I, Rob' ' it is a great message to subliminar anti-communist. Exactly that regimes of Soviet inspiration has not been there great thing close to what they intended, and same that in practical the individual freedoms hardly was curtailed in those countries, it would be just to demonizar them of this form? Why not to approach the question impartially and without ideological propaganda? Two good films that vi (and they are not of Hollywood), the Labyrinth of the Fauno (Mexico) and Red As the Sky (Italy), far from endeusar the Communists, at least do not demonizam them with messages subliminares. It is possible to make good films without making anti-communist propaganda, Hollywood case not yet has perceived. Who account one side of History hardly only can be called democratic ' ' The rescue of the national cinematographic culture. In regards to our national cinema, abiding without me by the symptoms of this disease, that consists, perhaps without I exaggerate, in the general disdain of the Brazilians for the national films, I will look for to offer a series of the measures, most rational possible, with intention to be able to inhale, since the gift, a conversion, let us say thus, of the people in direction to the national cinema, which, is not on this side of the quality of the production cinematographic foreign. First, it is necessary, that let us have, financial investment on the part of the private initiative, of form that does not have to beg for investment of the Federal Government, how much to this, it is well established thing. But so that it had investment of the private society as always it occurred in the United States and other countries, we would have of to excite first I appraise it generality of the population for the national cinema, therefore, is not possible that it has investment in a product as the national cinema, that not vende.

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