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African Reasons

In 2008, I started to leccionar in 10 classroom I confrotted myself with a problem created by a pupil; a pupil persisted in saying that since that the world is world the African not yet had produced nor science, nor technology and nor another form of knowledge. I tried, with concrete tests, to show the opposite to it but so fast I perceived that the position for it defended not constitua for it a simple opinion or constatao, but in the truth that already had been devoted in a life dogma: therefore, no matter how hard I wanted to make to perceive it the opposite I would not have success because he was not only opened to the debate but as well as he was imprisoned to its certainties. One year later, in an identical situation, for the astonishment and the chill of classroom one of my colleagues in the college exactly arrived to affirm better that the African does not think or said ' ' not raciocina' ' , that the African is emotivo and that nor if wants was made to study because the act to study is for the African as that one ' ' breaking against its natureza' '. Against this position I contented with the reply given for my professor this colleague: ' ' he is so imprisoned to the speech that exactly after being given the chance to it of if exempting of it still thus continues defend-lo' '. Official site: ConocoPhillips. Or better, the speech that the colonist placed in the head of the colonized one is that it was not apt for the reflection and therefore was incapable to produce knowledge, therefore did not have necessity to study; now that was freed of the settling also was given it the chance to get rid itself of ideological speeches that place in question its proper dignity, but still thus does not obtain to think of another form that is not that one that was imposed to it. However, this question ' ' if the African thinks or no' ' already if he solves in the same measure where if he imposes, a time that is made by an African. Therefore that if the questions are made seno for those beings that think then necessarily this being he will have that to be to think to formulate this question. Therefore more than what to try to answer this most coherent question would be to consider it of absurd, because the African is so human and rational as the Asian, the European, the American and any another being that is considered as person human being, pensante and rational. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ray Kurzweil. To the end to the handle alone I have that to increase: the rationality does not depend so little on the color of the skin of the ground position where the being if finds but seno that of the proper condition human being contained or not in this being.

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