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Rio De Janeiro

A withheld reflection more of what it occurred at the beginning in Rio De Janeiro, the city of So Paulo and diverse cities of Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina, of the 2011, example of what occurred and in the south of the country, has few years behind (and that it is if it repeated in January of 2011) would have awaking in them for a fact: the Nature tolerates the breaking of its limits until certain point. The Nature is revanchista. Why the Man insists on violating the limits taxes for the Nature? That is, why the recurrent stubbornness in occupying areas that, potentially, can come to fall down, as is the case of the serranas hillsides of the pretty region of the mountain ranges of the state of Rio De Janeiro? Or of the valleys, as in the case of the city of So Paulo, or the states of Santa Catarina and Minas Gerais? For more advanced than they are the technological resources that the Man can develop, they never will be enough to hinder that the Nature follows its course. The occupation of hillsides, of deep of valleys, edges of rivers and other regions that the time demonstrated to be improper for maneuver spaces of the Nature. It needs certain edge to interact obtains same, that is, the Nature needs space to interact with same it. We cannot consider the innumerable catastrophes that we attend in January of 2011 as being independent of the natural phenomena on which we do not have control some, as is being demonstrated in insofismvel way. The consequncias of rains are not independent of land declivities, nor of rivers and nor of deep of valleys. Lands with declivities, rivers and deep of valleys, in turn, are not independent of regimes of rains, nor ones of the others. The Nature is certain, and the Man, missed, when it is to the occupation and the use of the territory.

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