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North Pole

The film in the sample the reality of what this happening with the environment its changes and tragedies caused for the proper humanity. We human beings are the main causers of the destruction of the nature, which had to the deforestation, floodings, eruption, imploso, slaughter of animals and fish, gales and fires are the causes of the climatic changes and its consequence comes in recent years being the biggest problem of the humanity. The deforestation of forests and bushes makes with that the waters of rains flow off in different way causing damages the nature and this can finish with the humanity in few years, thousand and thousands of people every day die due to floodings caused for the bad use of the man the nature, smokes of the industries and manufacture make with what strong air if becomes more poludo and this cause damages the nature and the health of the humanity, about millions of people suffers from illnesses as hansenase, cancer, and other illnesses caused for these agents chemistries that they corrode ours nature, what we make when we liberate carbonic gas in the water and air, ones of the biggest aggressions of the humanity for the nature is the global heating, us human beings is the only beings livings creature capable to recognize that our mind made with that the nature if became aggressive, with our inventions and this made with that the race human being did not obtain to live well in the nature, the global heating is the worse thing that can have happened in the nature, the effect greenhouse makes with that the land if becomes each made, but hot and a part of this heating is caused by the humanity, the land this, each time, but hot, the sufficient one to melt glaciers in the North Pole. Perhaps daqui some decades the North Pole will not have more ice, what the effect greenhouse makes is to threaten foods, the water of the sea and many other things are threatened by the effect greenhouse, and its impact defies the imagination human being, and the human beings are the culprits for these changes and we do not obtain to make our proper change of life, all these changes are a threat our lives.

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