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Note Ccleaner

Ccleaner is an excellent gratuitous program to maintain your operating system in perfect state doing a thorough cleaning that improves the general yield and increases the disc space free. If you want to know as to clean my PC this it is without doubt the program by where to begin, fulfilling several tasks: -Clean the disc of unnecessary and dangerous archives (nonflock necessary archives) -It eliminates temporary files and rest of resulting archives of the facilities of programs -It eliminates lists of archives used recently -It increases the space in the disc -Empty the recycling wastebasket -She eliminates navigation signs -Clean the Registry of Windows of nonvalid entrances -General flock cookies or selectively -And more! Unloading and Installation (*) You can unload it from doing click in the Download button and soon choosing the unloading from, one is a small file, it has as soon as about 3 Mb. When installing, after to select the Spanish language to leave all the defaults excluding the last one noticeable, since I suggest to unmark the option to you to install the bar of tools CCleaner Yahoo that is not necessary. (*) Note: this article has been written executing version 2.25 Execution the execution is realised from the icon of Ccleaner that the installation of the program kept in the Writing-desk of Windows. Ccleaner operation is a very simple program, that carries out the tasks in almost automatic form, reason why is ideal if you wish to understand as to clean my PC in efficient form and without complications. The main window of Ccleaner shows to several data in the part superior that is to say, the version of the program, the operating system, the processor of your PC, the amount of Ram memory and the installed video card that. This window of work is divided in two sectors: Left window with four options: Cleaner? Registry? Herramie ntas? Options right Window in which the operations are executed divide in two panels? Left panel with different options? Panel straight with the results of the tasks of cleaning and Cleaning maintenance As to his it indicates it name, this option is the one that shows like cleaning my PC, since its function is exactly to clean the disc of inconvenient archives.

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