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A madman, by definition is someone who has lost the reason for poor judgment, crazy and reckless. However, according to those who have traveled to the country of the charm in which they inhabit and walk, tell us that it is the State of greater happiness for the soul human. Nothing is needed because everything has. And it is truth or in the picturesque and accessible world of your fantasies. But much attention, some good analysts of daily life, among them the Irish novelist Samuel Beckett all born mad.

Some remain so always. In short, according to the aforementioned author madness is a matter (virtue, disease, feature) that passes with time but does not pass them all. As you want it to be, the language reserved a good number of words to designate who suffers from some kind of mental abnormality. It is not very clear that who is more abnormal: If that he is sane and suffers the casual or perennial ravages of his sanity or who is crazy and laughs happy life and those who treat it as such. Some of use appear in the list of terms restricted in modern times such as ESPON, used to designate a person who has lost his mind. Or who has poor judgment, restraint and prudence.

In other words, an ESPON is a desjuiciado, reckless and exaggerated. In summary is so crazy like the real crazy crazy. The list of terms includes oddball: the dictionary defines it as a person who has something disturbed the reason. In other words, an individual who has crazy, crazy behavior outputs but not totally crazy. View to a nutty scene can produce hilarity that acts in a crazy way. But it can cause anxiety if such nonsense are excessive and causes damage which is usually common in them. No inventory like that you’re doing can forget about the lunatic, a happy citizen suffering from madness, not continuous, but by intervals.

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