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Westfa: A heating system design accents particularly in the segment of the solitary architectural design and energy efficiency requirements are increased. Representative zero-emission buildings become a model for sustainable building by the exception object. Who wants to set new standards as an architect not only in the aesthetic but also in technology, innovative solutions are required. The Hagener Westfa GmbH, specialist for solar heating systems, offers exclusive new energy concepts with which architects can realize trend-setting sun houses with their regenerative complete heating CASA THERM. Currently, the company performs an action when it intensively informed and personal advises architects on the subject. Those interested can see 023 31 / 96 order 66-200 information material and arrange a no obligation meeting. Sustainable building the solar heating system for the whole year CASA THERM is exclusively an intelligent synthesis of a heat pump and solar technology according to EnEV standard of Westfa.

The nationwide unique, innovative system permits a nearly independent, decentralised energy supply of one – and two-family dwellings according to EnEV standard. The combination of hybrid collectors, heat pump, and space-saving latent heat storage achieved significantly higher figures for the year working as a conventional heat pump systems. Hybrid collectors for aesthetic facade design represent the hybrid collectors heart of CASA THERM exclusive and at the same time stylistic element. They allow the defining Visual accents in the solar facade which are already in the planning stage to take into account. You to be installed ideally and give an expressive form to the concept of sustainability. Thanks to special hybrid collectors with integrated heat exchanger an ice – latent heat storage can be integrated very effectively into the overall system. Two sources of heat, it feeds turns the heating system: on the one he uses the direct sunlight, on the other hand the heat the surrounding air.

At high temperature and strong Sunlight he works like a conventional flat-plate collector and pushes the energy gained in the combined buffer memory. Cold and darkness wins the innovative collector heat from the ambient air and stores it in the ice – latent heat storage almost loss-free between. Space-saving installation a great advantage of CASA THERM is exclusively located in simple and at the same time space-saving installation”, says Michael Weber, head of sales and marketing at Westfa. Huge storage volumes by 5 to 10 m, which buried at usual Sun House concepts in the garden, be omitted completely. Instead the Westfa energy Headquarters required only 1.2 x 3 m space in the basement. Costly holes or the laying of geothermal heat exchangers, as is common in traditional brine water heat pumps, are also eliminated. We are sure that CASA THERM exclusively will establish itself with its energetic intransigence as a stylistic element of outstanding residential architecture”, predicted Weber. There is more information: Westfa GmbH Field mill-str.

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