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CONVERGING knowledge required for progress in the management of clients using ICT background: customer management evolves by leaps thanks to the technologies of the information and communication technology (ICT). Quickly companies have adapted many of their older systems of promotion, management of sales, services, logistics, distribution and control of interactions with customers. The traditional administrative and commercial of yesteryear, gave way to the industry of the call center, which quickly evolved into the Contact center and the first steps of the CRM. However the rapid advancement of technology, enhanced by specialized and more demanding customers, demand gave way to the new centers of customer management, where you have the power and control of all interactions with customers. However the road is not easy for enterprises that wish to change. There are a number of impediments that hinder its implementation at the pace that requires life modern.

That’s why Asellerator, after 15 years in research and technological innovation for the management of customers and have developed Hardware and advanced management CRM software, creates PROGESTIC a program that converge elements that allow the adoption of ICT by the company, without major setbacks. Management is fully productive, through the proper use of ICT, is required for the convergence of three types of essential knowledge, obtained with Asellerator solution PROGESTIC, namely: 1. knowledge expert. It is eminently scientific and technical knowledge in depth. Engineers, technicians and experts with many years of experience applying ICT tools.

They apply, integrate or manufacturing applications to create a new reality using the software. These divisions of the solution, then vital to apply and make, but ignored for not being the true object of change or transformation, that his interest It requires a client. It corresponds to our Marketing experts give such information. This gives rise to the second knowledge required for the management of clients 2. Applied knowledge, as an instrument of change.

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