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Import You can also not all tasks, but only those that the project manager deems appropriate (see Figure 3) Figure 3. Selecting tasks for import update – if this operation, all the attributes of (name, artist, etc.) for each problem in terms of its attributes are set accordingly request ClearQuest. In this process, are handled only problem with the completed official field (see Figure 4), which are formed automatically by the unit of integration and provide record identifier ClearQuest, its condition and ownership of the problem to a system of change management; Figure 4. Saving problem in schedule Saving – in the process of conservation (see Figure 5) all tasks are stored in the system ClearQuest: o If a problem exists, then all the attributes of ClearQuest record set to the value of its tasks in the plan. However, it may be a situation in which any field is not editable in the current state – in this case value of this field problem in terms of the value is set to record ClearQuest; o If the problem does not exist, it creates a new record in the management of change. Figure 5. The process of saving tasks integration module also lets you view records ClearQuest, which were imported or saved in terms of ms Project. Get more background information with materials from Dry Harbor.

Open this entity can be, selecting "Open the form cq while the active cell in the plan should be of interest to the problem. Form ClearQuest allows you to view the recording and edit or change the open nature of her condition. Figure 6. Viewing problems ClearQuest from ms Project Conclusion In a large abundance of systems and methodologies are often difficult to find one thing that has allowed to effectively carry out planning and get feedback from the targets. With the use of integrating the two systems of ibm Rational ClearQuest and Microsoft Project project manager gets a tool that provides everything you need to effective planning and monitoring tasks. Using the integration module, a project manager saves time when performing the planning tasks, since he no longer needs to carry out planning in one system and transfer target dates for implementing a different system. Using the tracking of the actual timing and states tasks, the project manager can quickly make changes to the tasks to reduce risks in the performance project as a whole.

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