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State Contacts

-The sales process management: control of potential clients, accounts/clients, contacts and sales opportunities. Vtiger CRM includes modules for budget, orders, invoices and tariffs (already features more characteristic of commercial management programs). -After sales: incidents associated with clients and staff of the company assigned control module. VTiger CRM implements a section of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and contracts of services very useful for companies which renew periodically services with their customers (rental contracts, hosting, maintenance services company). -Inventory management: Software doctor VTiger CRM has sections of products, Stock Control, suppliers, orders of purchase, services and tariffs (more characteristic of commercial management programs). -Reports and reports: in VTiger CRM you can define a series of reports, which do not allow a good degree of analysis of key variables of State control in the data base (number of contacts, opportunities, budgets, number of sales, volume of our commercial activity).

It also allows setting filters when you create and configure the report. -Data import: you can add new data and mix duplicates automatically or manual, import of potential customers, clients, contacts, products. -Logs (log of activities carried out on the platform by users): vTiger CRM within the configuration shows the audit by each user, where by each action registers the module, action, ID registration, date and time. -Extra modules: management of documents associated with clients, and remote control in the home page box. VTiger CRM includes further unionization of content (RSS), PBX Manager for synchronization with switchboards asterix and the tagcloud (Tag Cloud). We can create predefined (based on configurable criteria) search filters of our contacts, customers, potential, products. Mass editing of all fields of a set can be of results. Finally we can add new fields of information easily to all tabs of contacts, clients, budgets, products, etc.

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