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In a time like the present, where unemployment in Spain affects more than 5 million people, may seem inappropriate raise issues such as the quality of the work. If we put ourselves in the shoes of any stopped it is understandable that, at first instance, it may even be offensive approach to issues such as the days of those who have the fortune to be able to work, while others suffer precarity as a result of their status as unemployed. Reality presents a significant number of citizens that, even enjoying a job, rub the precariousness to dealing with conditions that barely allow make a stability or a decent income. Unfortunately, there to go to China to find workers who perform days of longer duration to those allowed by law, contracts traded only part-time, full-time hours extras that are not paid 1, collective agreements which are not respected 2. Labor abuses exist, despite the fact that their existence is hidden – not reported – on many occasions by their own victims, preferring keep a job, albeit precarious and illegal conditions, as seen in the street without income.

It has come to a culture of fear, fear of protest, afraid to claim fair improvements, afraid to engage in trade union movements of class, afraid to be noted by all that. As you might imagine, this culture of fear fosters the lack of solidarity, to extend the exercise of self-censorship to co-workers who want to fight for changes to better or, much less, fight to preserve the rights of employees. This lack of solidarity leaves fully exposed workers who, in a time of crisis like the present, come and worsen their working conditions in order to improve so gruesome as competitiveness concepts. Those working in continuous day today, tend to be regarded as privileged. Of course, we already know what happens with rights when, especially in times of crisis, are intentionally confused with privileges.

From the perspective of many entrepreneurs, heading working time is perceived as a way to ensure a supposed to improve productivity. If we stick to the particular concept of underlying productivity in the speeches of many entrepreneurs, the more productive employee is who works the greatest number of hours at the lowest price. It has been in more technical sectors – engineering, software, etc.-where this new software for control of productivity model has been tested in greater profusion. Together with the tradition of not paying overtime, the game day has been squeezed to awareness by many employers in these sectors, primarily composed of mostly docile workers, indoctrinated by an educational system which have successfully gone through every one of its phases and perfectly absorbed the ungrateful imposition of obey without asking questions. In a way, engineers, architects and computer experts today are the dream of any operator: excellently trained, work without complaint the hours needed, in addition to accepting the culture that it is frowned upon to leave on the hour; well apparently is stay one little longer in the company free of charge. In fact, many tend to believe are closest to the company that the companions, so that they understand the competition – to all coast-with those as a means of survival and, if possible, to climb positions in the company. Thus, part of the two usual hours of interruption in split sessions become free hours of work for the company for the master, the dream of the perfect productivity is reached during those moments.

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