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You can drown in the “free resume examples,” “free resume templates” and “free resume samples” on the web. In my opinion, one thing that makes one free resume template different from another: results. Find a free resume template that will help you create a resume that will win a job. That means several things must be true about this template you’re considering. First, it must be capable of producing an astonishing sum at the top of page one. If you are only allowed to connect in a factual statement, even if it is a good one that will not necessarily be capable of producing the resume you want. At least not the kind I’d recommend.

Secondly, it must be flexible. If you can not rearrange things easily, or change the fonts and formatting, will be too closed, will be like a Soviet “all-you-buffet. You are given a small plate of food and say,” No. That’s all you can eat “. In Third, you must have a professional, attractive design.

Wishes to emphasize, do not appear. Go to a professional look, probably more traditional. The design must include a large blank space, simply because it “sells” better. Fourthly, it must be in Word format. If you are dealing with the software, you have to let you save or export to Word format. This is the industry standard. If you give something to a recruiter in electronic form and is not Word, you’ll be lucky if it comes in contact with you to inform you send a Word document. More likely, it will happen. If a free resume template (or one that you are considering buying) meets these criteria, probably worth using. It’s a pretty short list. Note that I said nothing about fancy fonts or software, or any bells and whistles at all. These can be nice, maybe even useful. They are not necessary. Start Microsoft Word, load up your template, if necessary, change the source to the 11-point Times New Roman (a standard, attractive, and “safe” source), and start writing! A free resume template will not do the work for you. You just may save time on mundane tasks such as document format. The work content winning is all up to you.

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