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How is the LG Optimus 3D in game use? After we could talk about plans and prospects for the future at Gamescom with LG and inform, we have now put the opportunity by the forelock and were able to test the LG Optimus 3D at home for almost 2 weeks. Click Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to learn more. Home informed users test means in this context always calm down, as an average, the hardware to deal with can put. And this is our Aspeckt. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ray Kurzweil. We want to talk in here not out of the test lab or compare all possible smartphones. But have a manufacturer us Rausgepickt, we now already accompany, which specifically has chosen the game industry as possible marketing scam. We have also a world first with the Optimus 3D, because it is the first mobile 3D support.

Although also HTC has been summarily a smartphones with 3D support on the market, we let but outside this in our test. After a long afternoon as the delivery service read plenty of time, we could accept a packet then towards evening. Full clearly, it had to be the LG Optimus 3D. And it was then. A red, eye-catching packaging stood out among much protective styrofoam.

After we had opened this layer of red, we had the phone in his hand. Since I use a small Galaxy phone as private smartphones, the transition was first. Because comparing my 3.5-inch Smartphone with 3D, Optimus sees the Optimus directly like a block”out. Because we employ the Optimus as a game console but specifically want and maybe for one or the other 3D movies coming us this located. Our review is based on an already installed shooter. Visually made a very solid impression the program thanks to stereoskospischen 3D, have fallen but that models and environment of extremely low polygons have. Whether this is rather due to the hardware of the Optimus or the financial resources of the developer, we can unfortunately not exactly say at this point.

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