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Learning Language From Computer

The Internet is the ability to read and watch the news giants such as CNN, BBC, Rater, so to speak, first hand, without waiting for the Russian office will prepare a transfer, citing a source, read blogs from around the world watch movies and read books in their original language, without waiting for translation into Russian language. As you can see, with knowledge of the language you are always one step ahead. Today I'm learning two languages simultaneously. You can not imagine what a mess at this is in your head, but it's worth it – it is impossible to convey the feeling when you are free to speak with someone from another country entirely, a different culture, their language. For days on end to sit with a book and teach "Irregular verbs in English" is a deadly bore.

I will try to tell my own experience, how to diversify language learning, how to combine business with pleasure, using a computer and the Internet. I think we all love the movie. Someone comedy with Jim Carrey, some militants with Bruce Lee, and some elite cinema. Most quality films Hollywood produces today, which is known to speak primarily to English. Watching movies in their original language, you really raise your level of hearing a live speech from the lips of native speakers. Agree to learn and remember the phrase, said Bruce Willis, and not a teacher at school / university / to course much easier also, you win that many jokes and the "chips" of the films disappear after translation into Russian.

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