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This is called passive safety measures and consists of regularly making copies of our files in other types of support. There are several options in the market and your choice depends primarily on the amount of data that we need to store and cost of these brackets. -CDROM a good system for personal users, is […]

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Microsoft Word Template

You can drown in the “free resume examples,” “free resume templates” and “free resume samples” on the web. In my opinion, one thing that makes one free resume template different from another: results. Find a free resume template that will help you create a resume that will win a job. That means several things must […]

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Foreign Investment

August 21 Rosstat reported that the volume of foreign investment in the Russian economy, for 6 months of 2009 decreased by 30,9% compared to the same period in 2008 1. Despite such a significant decline, Russia remains in the "top five" most attractive markets for foreign direct investment. These data were obtained as a result […]

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Basic Skills In Financial Management

Management consists of five elements, namely: planning, organization, leadership, coordination and control. Management based on organizational activities, organization and resources to succeed. For successful organization of work and investment in innovation must be tentative and careful planning. Effective planning requires persistence and a willingness to deal with difficulties. It is important that team leader and […]

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