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Good Intentions

You have 2 weeks, before you forget your good intentions. Best today, start to become active. Every new year’s Eve years back the old new resolutions. And how quickly they forget. Oh, in January yet. In February then! “.” And in February? Forget everything. This Johannes Biedermann, personal trainer and owner of the exclusive Studio for personal training step up”in Munich: good intentions keep for about 2 weeks. “Then they are how wiped out.” Therefore, it is important to address the resolutions as quickly as possible and to put into practice.

Motivation hypnosis find the right drive at step up you know only too well how hard it is to rouse themselves and become active: lacks the majority of our customers at the beginning of just the necessary drive. Therefore the topic is our motivation high. We offer for example a special motivation hypnosis, which helps to cope with power and energy of the necessary change. The first step, namely to us to come, of course still have the customer alone make. “, so Johannes Biedermann. 6 weeks to the habit the first step only once managed to get is now of course stick with it. 6 weeks it takes in General until a new activity becomes a habit. These are 6 weeks, so it will be much easier one to maintain the new life style. “Johannes Biedermann: for this reason we offer six-week program modules, which intensively supports the customer in the most difficult phase.” On and off now it says only: pick up and get started with the implementation of the resolutions. Step up have 30% discount by the way, just for the first 2 weeks of the new year, so that it is even easier to make the first step one. A successful year 2010 really can be so! (John Baker)

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