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Expect Intentions

Many of you you’ll be projecting these days goals and intentions for the year that is about to begin. This course is a necessary exercise to chart a course clear. However there are certain points that you should take into consideration. Before you begin drawing you these goals for 2011 make sure that these chasing desires and intentions and not the desires and intentions of others. It is not difficult without realizing you are finished tracing you the wrong goals, goals that you will not contribute absolutely nothing. It is not difficult to get carried away by what society expects of you or what your family is waiting for you. There comes a time that you come to believe that they are your own desires and intentions, without give it your way is another.

A House more large, a better car, more money in the bank account, expand your business, vacation, lose weight 20 kilos, move to another city, to finish your studies, get a job, whatever your goals for 2011 make sure that is what your want really not what society or your family expects of you. What makes you happy? What are your dreams? What are your wishes? There is no good or bad goals. Simply every human being have different needs at different stages that we live. We associate happiness with the material achievements and in our desire to be happy we pursue more material achievements finding us after getting these as empty achievements internally before getting them. Remember that happiness is not on the outside, but inside you. Happiness is a life style, a decision, an attitude. I hope this is the first of your resolutions for 2011, the decision from the moment of being happy, wherever you are today, with what you have today, with who you are today. The material achievements are great, the money has nothing wrong.

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