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Deodorant Protection

For a natural and fresh feeling, eco-friendliness and nature are important today. Many manufacturers use the nature therefore increasingly on the force. Most cosmetic companies change their recipes and now offer their customers a wider range of natural products without chemical substances. The online Department store presents trends in deodorants, that promise pure nature. […]

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Exotica By LCN – The Trend Look For Summer 2010

The summer is gorgeous – with the new trend look inspired by the dazzling colours of exotic fruit, animals and plants LCN presents the new summer trend look exotica. Whether joyful bright or bright-coloured exotica sets with four exciting Nail Polish colors as well as eyeshadow color matched and EYELINERS stunning accents that memorable summer. […]

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Men Also Get Wrinkles…

…und therefore has the line of INTESA pour homme a face cream designed specifically for men who want to do something against their wrinkles: the face moisturizer revitalizing Intesa Homme VISO OK -. Intesa pour Homme (MIRATO) is the complete care range for the modern man. Thanks to the sporty and dynamic appearance of this […]

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Angelika Garbaya

Because they are with their too-speedy Assessment and their devastating judgment now once absolutely next to it. Sometime I just at Karstadt in the food Department at the cash register came I stood on the proverbial Hopper: I got the wrong answers of the people! I never claimed that you will be immortal with eternity, […]

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Meditation: Why You Should… Always Meditate

The most important aspects of meditation for your health though stress can have a large negative effect on the physical and mental health of people, today many people increasingly under stress – especially in a professional environment. These negative influences can very effectively confront meditation and also offers further advantages. Let us take a look […]

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Massage With Hot Stones – Hot-stone Massage

The hot stone massage puts body and mind in deep relaxation. Abdomen, back and legs are massaged it gently with warm stones. Method against tension and stress hot-stone massages are currently in vogue not without reason, because the treatments help effective for tension and blockages. In addition to the rocks, including body oils, which are […]

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Lavera Sun Sensitive, Mineral Sunscreen For The Whole Family

Lavera Sun sensitive protects sensitive and delicate children’s skin through the renunciation of synthetically produced substances whether for holidays or at home enjoying left with sunscreen series from Lavera Sun sensitive can each carefree sunbathing. Lavera Sun sensitive is equipped with high-quality mineral light protection filters, this work immediately after application and protect the delicate […]

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Good Intentions

You have 2 weeks, before you forget your good intentions. Best today, start to become active. Every new year’s Eve years back the old new resolutions. And how quickly they forget. Oh, in January yet. In February then! “.” And in February? Forget everything. This Johannes Biedermann, personal trainer and owner of the exclusive Studio […]

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Now Spectacular Shroud

The consumer has spoken: in the League of the best Rottweil SQOOM, product of the year 2009 awarded SQOOM June 2009. On the basis of a representative survey the hardest critics confirmed innovation and the quality of the unique anti-aging technology recently the consumer as we know. For the Schick medical GmbH, the prestigious award […]

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Manufacturers such as Megasonex use ultrasound for gentle dental cleaning at home most of us know it by the doctor: we break us a leg or hurt the tooth, then an ultrasonic recording is done usually once very close to look at the problem. What can hear we not with the naked eye, is visible […]

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