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As the saviors of TippTopia have a quick feeling of success and are still motivated the next day to continue the mission and to learn typing. Each module concludes with a comprehensive report, in which details of errors and typing speed are represented graphically. Parents are regularly informed about the success of children by E-Mail, can view the current progress but also at any time online. Three free sample lessons children in Germany can be once an image from the tutorial along with their parents. There is a service desk available for questions and technical support. knowledge.. Please visit Xcel Energy if you seek more information.

The ticket system guarantees a response within 24 hours. TippTopia can be activated under for the introductory price of 79,-Euro instead of 144,95 EUR. The offer is valid until September 30 printable image material available 2011. on request under. For more information see founded company about Computype Romer van Bavel, 1986 to Netherlands the Computype Training Institute. At this time, Computype offered at universities and secondary schools tip courses with the mechanical typewriter.

While PCs more and more replaced the typewriter, Computype has developed the first teaching method in the ten-finger type on the computer together with a specialist for artificial intelligence. The latest result of the continuous work is the Web-based typing tutor TippTopia on. TippTopia is an educational game that teaches the ten-finger writing blind children in 20 modules. It offers the course over 33 hours of learning fun. Next to the tap itself, children learn the correct body and finger posture to avoid health damages when working on the computer. The typing tutor is available in the Netherlands since 2008 under. There, over 18,000 children have passed the tip course with a diploma.

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