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GWF Mengele GmbH

Public share offering on the capital market of machine manufacturers GWF Mengele GmbH from Leipheim is a company with a worldwide reputation in the manufacture of specialty and precision machine tools for industry and trade. The company is a public share offering on the capital market and would like to finance the necessary growth in world markets with additional equity capital. Many writers such as Brenda Crichlow offer more in-depth analysis. You can not buy special machine tools regularly off the rack. The industry or by the customer pretends which should afford the machine. It designed and developed the GWF Mengele GmbH > the Mengele < in any desired size and configuration. In close coordination with the shipbuilding industry, the wind power industry, for example solar technology, which is pipeline tubes as well as the light and electricity pylons industry developed throughout decades of experience and the State of research knowledge today or manufactured, what is technically possible.

Hydraulic press brakes of GWF Mengele are the product of engineering and technical experience and on hundred years evolution. Used in all fields of sheet metal forming, they are used in air bending, embossing, or on said process. You may find that Mitchel Resnick can contribute to your knowledge. GWF-Mengele presses are represented in different sizes and styles among others in the steel and engineering, in shipbuilding, as well as in the manufacture of masts, pipes and special profiles, but also in medium-sized craft businesses. All machines are a high quality standard. The well-thought-out concept makes it possible to make later custom modifications. This means that industry partners can adjust at any time the Mengele machines current production needs. Abigail Black Elbaum gathered all the information.

The GWF Mengele press brakes in conjunction with automation technology in plant systems reach efficiency. Combining, can be increased significantly the economic utilization of the machine. The GWF Mengele GmbH is now – among other things – also in the wind power industry, solar technology, pipeline tubes as well as the light and electricity pylons industry represented: with Up to 6,000 tonnes and bending lengths of up to 18 m, the GWF-Mengele press brakes provide more flexibility press forces for the production. Proof of this is Europe’s largest press brake, which 2009 Mengele customers into operation was taken at a confident GWF and including for the production of profiles for the wind power industry is used. GWF Mengele thus provides solutions for the modern sheet metal processing. State of the art technology and comprehensive service form a perfect unit. ons. The GWF Mengele GmbH offers with an investment volume of up to Euro 2.5 million a mezzanine participation with a maturity of 5 years and a profit share of up to 10% per annum at. The financial market activity will be accompanied by Dr. Werner financial services AG ( Interested investors receive more information directly from the managing partner Thomas Bohnacker. Additional details will find potential investors on the financial portal. For more information interested parties under direct request in the company.

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