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Opera 10 already tested quite a long time. First there was the Alpha, which demonstrated the possibility of a new engine, Presto 2.2, then a beta 1, which was presented to the new interface design and basic functions. Opera 10, b2, which will be discussed, is very close to the final version, since it is suitable for everyday use and in many ways superior to other browsers. 1.Stabilnost: Opera 9.6 really could not be called stable browser. Constant 'Departures' with or without, in which not only lost the right page, but sometimes even the mail accounts and chat. The new browser is head and shoulders above its predecessor in terms of stability.

At the Opera 10, you will not see such 'brazen antics. "Since the stability of his creation developer Opera Software have worked out well. In addition, the new version had such a good thing as automatic error report. Theoretically, each user now Opera can help to get better. But it's lyrics, and statistics show that a month of intensive use Opera is not 'dropped' never! For this great opera +! 2.Funktsionalnost: As the functionality of the Opera has always been ahead of competitors, although there may be objected, users of Firefox.

The new version of the case in this area are even better: there are new e-mail client Opera-Mail, and tab pages with the screen, which, incidentally, can be dragged and dragged as the soul anything, IRC-client, Torrent-client, which, unfortunately, still does not support, interesting, but overall useless widgets, notes, download manager, address book and a unique and very, very useful tool – Opera Dragonfly . Dragonfly – a universal tool for developers. In general, the new Opera and then gets bold +. 3.Interfeys: Creators in the development of Opera's browser has traditionally paid great attention to detail. There is literally everything is done as it should: with copy link has a handy feature, as a 'copy-and-go', can also copy text or links in the notes – it is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Futurist insists that this is the case. And there are more pleasant things mass. Overall: Pros: Stability Functionality Easy to use Cons: Otsutvie plugins download the Opera browser or any other browser you will be able on our website.

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