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Identifies problems and faults so they can be prevented or corrected in time. It is also a model based on spiral that organizes the iterations by stages and phases to get a more solid structure; a robust methodology that adapts very well to long-term, complex projects and with a great development team. UML since it is a standard, easy-to-learn language and allows a smooth communication between software developers, in addition to offering a wide variety of diagrams to visualize the system from various perspectives, while retaining effective control. Rational Rose Enterprise Edition is a tool CASE (these acronyms mean (Computer Aided Software Engineering) computer-assisted Software Engineering is a set of) methods, utilities and techniques that facilitate the automation of the information (2003) systems development life cycle) very powerful allowing you the development team generating code from models, accelerate the implementation as well as visualize, understand and refine the requirements helping to evolve and strengthen the development process by offering a common language that streamlines the creation of software. Moreover it is user friendly and flexible. Patterns of use cases, which allow to describe a problem which occurs over and over again in our environment, to describe the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that such a solution cannot be used more than one million times without making it even twice in the same way (Ishikawa later were used to model the situation(, and others, 1977). 3.

Results and discussion after analyzed the business and have made use of earlier explained elicitation techniques obtained 36 functional requirements and 33 non functional requirements. Modeling of the system places analysts in a delicate and difficult situation when constructing the system because it is one of the crucial steps for software development questioning should be built. Based on the activities that were identified to be automated in the business model of the system use cases, which are of high importance allowing to establish detailed technical requirements form including all interfaces with people, machines, and other system.

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