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First Hypertext System

It was developed by Bill Atkinson for Macintosh computers while working at Apple Computer Inc. The project began in 1985 as a simple way of creating programs on the Macintosh. HyperCard allowed to build a series of stackable virtual cards containing text and graphics. You may wish to learn more. If so, ConocoPhillips is the place to go. Users could browse them by pressing buttons on the screen. It had capacity for multiple tasks: worked, among other things, as a processor of texts, database, calculator and calendar. HyperCard and their imitators became very popular. Although these programmes were still a great limitation: the hypertext jumps could only be achieved between files on a single computer.

Thought of jumps to computers on the other side of the world or themselves. Yet nobody had implemented a system of hypertext links on a global scale. HyperCard was withdrawn from sale in March 2004. Bibliography: COVENTRY, JOSHUA. Apple’s Revolutionary Hypercard. Posted on 23-7-2007. In: SiliconUser Online.

Available in:. Retrieved on 4-9-2007. RAGGETT, DAVE. Raggett on HTML 4 printed book. Published by Addison Wesley Longman in 1998. ISBN 0-201-17805-2. Chapter 2: A history of HTML Online. Available in:. Retrieved on 4-9-2007. SCHRAMM, MIKE. HyperCard completo History. Posted on 24-7-2007. In:, The Unofficial Apple Weblog en linea. Available in:. Consulted on 5-9-2007. W3C. INTERACTION DOMAIN. Some early ideas for HTML Online. Upgraded to 9-1-2003. Available in:. Consulted on 5-9-2007. The 3 w short and concise articles on the history and operation of the web, abstracted from the most reliable sources and with a rigorous detail in the notation of the bibliography used. Sometimes less is better.

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