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Authentic Advertising Replaced Empty Slogans

Growth turbos in the Switzerland on the rise of Lindau, November 2009: the Swiss magazine picks up on the current development focus on SMEs and brings in its November issue a detailed report on how growth boosts. These include a statement about which direction to move a company as opposed to slogans. Enlightened consumers are gradually resistant compared to superficial slogans: interested in precious little hollow slogans. Migros may distinguish themselves through customer-friendly behavior, this is rewarded by the customers in the long term much more, than the often the reality for miles advertising removed”, so Hugo Enz in a blog post of views” on the discussion about the new Migros slogan. Authentic advertising is in demand not only in the Switzerland. It is much easier to reach, because they contain a clear statement about the direction of the company, at the company can also be measured with growth turbos.

A classic example was already in AGIP with six legs for you uproot us many years”. A slogan is a growth-Turbo, once the staff – and organizational development, the external representation, the sales argumentation as well as the product and services can be established and constantly checked on the basis of this statement. The result: the company works authentic and provides guidance in all areas. The market position is much more attractive. There are over 20 content separate growth turbos available, which can vary and different questions are developed from the strengths of the company. Contain a detailed explanation of the growth boosts is high speed-marketing in which in September 2009 published practice Advisor in only 7 days to a resounding market concept”of Christian Kalkbrenner.

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