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State Pension System

Growing criticism of the State pension system – retirement instead of poverty in old age never before the fear of impending poverty in old age and State expropriation was greater than today. According to Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen the way will be for most Germans with the day of retirement to the Welfare Office to the bitter reality. Already today many retirees continue to work in old age. Additional information is available at Nick Khan. Half of all pensioners in Germany gets even less than Hartz IV. Their State pension not sufficient simply to live. And, although they have deposited in our pension system for years. In addition the concern to the expropriation of own savings, such as recently in Cyprus happen. The AFA AG criticism directed mainly against the State pension system and advises everyone to provide privately for the age.

Also one other Minister volunteered recently on the subject of State pensions to Word. Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr tells the AFA AG criticism and prefer to invest in a private pension. In the show Germany acute the world TALK said the Minister: “I’d more trust than the politicians manage a State where you never know what happens to the money, a private pension.” Who wants so impoverished in retirement age not should care regardless of State and politics to their own retirement. Because in the future no bank customer can sway in the euro-zone more in security, if he puts his money in the Bank. Consistently, the AFA AG advises its customers since more than 20 years on the basis of a free, independent and individual advice on private savings. I can recommend everyone to complete a private old-age provision already in young years. Because more is started, the monthly contributions are less. Unit-linked products are my tip as they create in tangible assets, achieve the best return in the long term and are especially secure against Government access.

You can unfortunately no longer rely on the State pension system”, Stefan Granel, the AFA Board exercises criticism. The AFA AG now offers an explanatory video, which easily clearly conveys what matters for private old-age provision. More under customer service/altersvorsorge.html about the AFA AG: the general financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG) is an independent financial sales with seat in Berlin and Cottbus. -general-electric-company-commerce-bancshares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions. The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are trained according to the recognized directives. In addition, they are registered in the EU register of brokers and work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Agent of AFA conducted approximately 500,000 individual consultations within the last ten years. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany. Press contact: Martin Ruske the AFA Board Lama Walshe road 7, 03046 Cottbus Tel.: 381090 E-Mail:

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