Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


Is which the concept of your company? How are you going to run? Are you going to sell ideas or time? Treatment of cause that you define your business model. Basically there are three types of company: 1. businesses that sell tangible things. 2. Companies that sell time. 3. Companies that sell intangible things. Certainly […]

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Mexican African American

'm Not where the significance of this famous phrase, we have become a tragically funny humanity where there are apparently no color or age or limitations. For example, we have different skin pigments, but in the U.S. there are no blacks, older but much of the world there is old and we may be missing […]

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Wifi Ranges

Nokia and Symbol Technologies in 1999 created an association known as WEC (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance). This association was renamed Wi-Fi Alliance in 2003. The purpose of it was to create a brand that would allow more easily promote wireless technology and ensure compatibility of equipment.Thus in April 2000 WEC certify […]

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History Taxi

Taxi – it is one of the oldest and most convenient means of public transport. The word taxi is derived from the French word "taxi", which indicates the means used to transport passengers and cargo and travel expenses. . History taxi originated in France in 18 th century, it was there, at that time there […]

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Shopping In Panama

The Panama free zone you can find different types of companies: Distributors, dealers, banks, insurance companies, shipping services companies and logistics centers that can facilitate the process of shopping in panama. In general, the main purpose of the Duty Free Zone is to increase international trade. In Panama, the most common businesses doing business in […]

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