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Mexican African American

'm Not where the significance of this famous phrase, we have become a tragically funny humanity where there are apparently no color or age or limitations. For example, we have different skin pigments, but in the U.S. there are no blacks, older but much of the world there is old and we may be missing an arm or eyesight but no crippled or blind, which means that in any way The human race refuses himself. We are so much fun that we invented buzzwords for strangers as "elderly" or "third age", "African American" and "differently abled" to avoid facing all the words. The worst thing is that these euphemisms amplified, over time, the same connotations of the original vocabulary and thus, in jest, when someone is already very bumpy (person without vital spirit), we say that already belongs to the fourth age and a Mexican African American gringo African sounds, which would be an insult to Africans. Another result, not to mention things by their name, is that ironically pigeonhole us artificially negative subgroups, where a person "differently abled" as well as arbitrarily framing people with a wide range of physical and mental limitations, and regardless of their social value and ability to face life, they are classified human scrap which we must give assistance. Fortunately he is frowned upon as people of color, because in addition to what has been said, exemplified the ignorance of those who used this euphemism for blacks, since black is no color. I like more that what different capacities, applied with justice in the world of "comic" to: Superman, Wonder Woman and other partners, that means the elderly are referring to the dinosaurs and the older adult films Triple X with a military rank. Finally, I find useful application for African, Latino or anything that ends in U.S., resulting in subdivisions of the wrong name "American", after the Americans have established and echo around the world believe that they are the only "Americans."

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