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History Taxi

Taxi – it is one of the oldest and most convenient means of public transport. The word taxi is derived from the French word "taxi", which indicates the means used to transport passengers and cargo and travel expenses. . History taxi originated in France in 18 th century, it was there, at that time there were horse-drawn carriages, which were called 'fiacres "in honor of the patron saint of gardeners – Saint Fiacre, as an inn with these crews was near his chapel. It is believed that they were the first in the world of public crews. In the late 19 th century technological advances drove carriages with horses. On the cab installed gasoline engine, the levers for controlling and after the invention and installation of meters (taximeter), these crews have become popular among the population, since one could easily calculate the cost of the road. The first cars designed for taxi service, began producing Company Renault, the body of these cars resembled a "cab", the driver sat separately from the passengers in the open front of the car and did nothing but running a taxi and a passenger was in the closed part of the machine and was protected from the weather.

Taxi stand out from other cars of its bright color. What is a centralized service order entry and call taxis were no taxis just drive around and honking loudly. In Russia, all roads lead to Moscow. Incoming and outgoing large number of people had a few stations, and all this created the need for urban transport development, which could dovozit passengers and their luggage to the room.

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