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Nokia and Symbol Technologies in 1999 created an association known as WEC (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance). This association was renamed Wi-Fi Alliance in 2003. The purpose of it was to create a brand that would allow more easily promote wireless technology and ensure compatibility of equipment.
Thus in April 2000 WEC certify the interoperability of equipment according to the IEEE 802.11b standard under the brand Wi-Fi (The term has no meaning in itself). This means that the user is assured that all teams having the seal Wi-Fi can work together seamlessly, regardless of the manufacturer of each. You can obtain a complete list of teams that have certified Wi-Fi Alliance – Certified Products.
In 2002 the association was formed and WEC by almost 150 members.
The IEEE 802.11 standard was designed to replace the equivalent of the physical and MAC layers of the rule 802.3 (Ethernet). This means that the only thing that differentiates a Wi-Fi network to an Ethernet network is in how transmitting data packets or frames, the rest is identical. Therefore, an 802.11 wireless LAN is fully compatible with all services of local area networks (LAN) cable 802.3 (Ethernet).
The term Wi-Fi does not come from wireless fidelity. The WEC hired an advertising company to give a name to his standard, so it was easy to identify and remember. Phil Belanger, a founding member of the Wi-Fi Alliance which supported the name Wi-Fi wrote:
? Wi-Fi and “Style logo” the Ying Yang were invented by the agency Interbrand. We (WiFi Alliance) hired Interbrand to make us a logo and a name that was short, market and would be easy to remember. We needed something that was somewhat more remarkable that? IEEE 802.11b Direct Stream?. Interbrand established names like “Prozac”, “Compaq”, “OneWorld”, “Imation”, to name a few. Even invented a name for the company: Vivat.?
Below, under “external links” can read the full story on the “About the meaning of the name Wi-Fi.”

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