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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography on the origins of its appearance only vaguely reminiscent of today's understanding of this kind of photography. First of all, keep in mind that in the 40s of the 20th century, when they started mass nuptial photo shoot took place in the studio. This was due to the fact that photographic equipment at the time was not very portable and photographer just physically could not bring him on holiday honeymooners. After a very short time after how the genre of wedding photography as well entrenched in the traditions of the wedding day, there were innovative technology to make color pictures. However, print quality and colors were not very high and color very quickly lose their brilliance. And, despite the fact that color photography has existed, continued to do wedding photos in black and white, because These images should be preserved for years to come.

After the Second World War II, new cameras, which were used mainly military reporters. These were smaller vehicles and the new film, allowing photographers to carry equipment with them. Now, a wedding photographer could itself come to the wedding and the newlyweds did not shoot in the studio and on-site ceremony. All we know traditional photography in the registry office at the mirror, on the couch – many of these compositions was then formed in the mid-20th century. Another difference tradition of wedding photography at the beginning of its inception and today – is the number of shots. Now the photographer begins shooting in the morning, from the time when the future newlyweds awake wear dresses, go to the registrar, and ends up as they go to a wedding banquet. In the middle of the same 20th century had the opportunity to make a few shots. Despite the fact that it took more than half a century, the meaning of the wedding photography remains the same – capture the memorable event, to make memories of this day has never been erased from memory, to convey the atmosphere of the holiday, even those who did not attend to it personally.

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