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Watches Biometric Systems

When you want to implement a system for the control of assistance, there are several options that could go. The following possibilities, which are known more at the time shall be mentioned. Keyboards systems are the most economic units. He is assigned to each employee a code that must be entered in the clock’s assistance. This code, or password, is often the number that identifies each employee in a company listing. The advantage of this system is that not required card, which helps to save money.

In addition, the cards can be lost and a system based these needs a special reader. One problem with this method is that any employee can record the attendance of another, to avoid this, a video camera can be the solution. Some keyboards have a verification mechanism. I.e., the employee enters his password and his name appears on a screen. Another method for the control of timetables is which is based on cards.

There are two types of cards: the magnetic and barcode. Magnetic cards are pre-numbered and with them an identification number is assigned to each employee. If an employee loses his card, simply is assigned another, with another preset number. Barcode cards work similarly, except that each card you can also add information for each employee, in addition to your photo. Readers drives, fingerprints, are that most have drawn attention, in recent years. With this system, the employer ensures that an employee can not dial card by another, so she can have certainty that the person who has supplied its footprints, is who they claim to be. The employee placed his finger on a watch of assistance and thus registers his arrival. The only problem with this system is that it can not be used in industrial environments, where there is too much dust, grease or dirt on the hands of workers. In addition to biometric systems, scanned fingerprints, there are also other devices that you analyze other qualities. Thus, it is possible to find biometric clocks that have readers from hands, face and eye patterns. These systems are very accurate, but their prices are not the lowest, traditional systems, such as the reading of footprints, remain the favorite.

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