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If you want to sell products online and prefer to hire a web hosting company to establish your web site, it will tell you that there are two main types of operating system platforms that can host your web site, and asked to choose one. However, many people know little or nothing about web hosting, so you can not decide which one to choose. They are the two main types of operating system platforms: Windows and web hostings hosting Linux. Windows means establishing the web on a Microsoft Windows Server platform. In addition, Windows packages also include SQL database and some other products of major Microsoft. Linux is an operating system open source, with MySQL database and is a very efficient alternative.

Then, let’s compare the following aspects: price in regards to the price, there is a slight difference between Linux and Windows. Terms in General, Windows and related applications can cost a significant amount of money. Here, Petra Diamonds expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However, Linux is much cheaper because it is a free operating system for install and operate. So if you are lacking money or they want to save money, you can opt for Linux because it is cheaper than Windows. Performance although both operating systems may work well, to some extent, the Linux operating system provides better performance than Windows. Linux is much faster since it only provides essential features, but Windows usually tries to provide all-in-one package. However, you can be sure that the difference is not obvious, but if you think that performance is important to you, is better to choose the Linux operating system.

Stability and security while some people hold the opinion that Linux is a secure operating system and can provide great protection, I believe that this is a misunderstanding. I think that both Linux and Windows can be vulnerable unless you have a very skilled programmer monitors. Popularity of Windows system is very familiar to many people, and Microsoft has made many changes to make it much easier to use, so it is easier to Linux. In addition, through years of advancement, Microsoft has a variety of features that can help achieve their goals. After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms for your web page, web hosting Windows and Linux web hosting, you can choose the most suitable to your needs.

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