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War Instruments

This finishes definition is that more it is looked like the martial bands of nowadays characterizing a formation of blow instruments and percussion. Valley to detach that ' ' one of the basic factors for the birth of the jazz and ascension of trompete it was the formidable expression of the martial bands for all the United States? the true passion for them in New Orleans' '. (MUGGIATI, 1982, P. 6). Muggiati (2006) also cites in its book Improvising Solutions that: From the second half of century XIX, the blow instruments had started if to popularize in the United States. In the War of Secession (1861-65) the martial bands had had important paper in the rise of the moral of the troops, and its creation greatly was stimulated. At the same time, the technology of the instruments, in result of the progressos of Industrial revolution, was perfected with the introduction of the pistons in metals, today basic part as instrument that composes the formation of the martial band.

(MUGGIATI, 2006, P. 13). Some authors also define martial band as joint of percussion instruments and blow, being that these are of metal with nipple endowed with three pistons, different of saxofones that they are of metal with vanes. In Pernambuco, at the time of Dutch Domination (1630? 1654), they had appeared the first groups with martial characteristics, in the context after what he came to be the military band. He had you recite of music promoted in the Palace of Friburgo for the Conde Joo Maurcio de Nassau, in receptions offered its guests, second certification of frei Manuel Silenced of Salvador (BEEN SILENT, year 1985). When of the farewells of the Conde Nassau, for occasion of its return to the Netherlands, in May of 1644, he designates Pieter Marinus Netscher (1998), that the populations of the places for where went passing formed sections stop to say good bye to it.

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