Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

The First

IT left exactly opposed. He arranged the luggage carefully, placing the door-pictures of the couple to the side of its personal objects. He also took an old yellowish letter already that IT had written in the following night to the first kiss. He could be plus a letter, as as much other writings for other couples of boyfriends could be until contained the same declarations of love and the promises of a good future what it differentiated this letter, became that it only, was that it was blurred, blurred for the tears of that exactly after two days of namoro, already loved unconditionally. IT was a beautiful young man. In the great city instantaneously the interest of an incalculable number of women despertou. Its allegiance did not resist nor first happy hour with the group of the office and if it lay down with a colleague who knows two days before. In the following morning it exactly felt an enormous repentance and mourning of itself.

Fifteen days later it traiu again sleeping with another fellow worker. Curiously its repentance already was well lesser of what of the first time and the same if it was diluting during the innumerable times that sleep with other women until the day that did not feel more repentance none. In the illusion took that it, forgot It. Already he did not bind with as much frequency for IT. He justified with evasions lies the lack of love and the frieza takes that it. Of the carried through daily linkings promptly to the 22 hours, now only he bound a time in the week, without day and definite schedule. Exactly with everything this, IT waited anxiously with the telephone in the hand, believed that at any time miraculously its cellular one would go to touch and be IT, loved its, that it would speak that was the door of its house, and was waiting to take it supper it are, preferential in the simple restaurant of roadside where everything started.

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