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Jenoptik LASER World Laser

The Division of Jenoptik lasers & material processing provides their products for laser material processing on the LASER, stand C1. 320 at the trade fair of Munich between May 13 and 16 before. Efficient laser material processing by the new single emitter and laser bars by Jenoptik. The new Semiconductor Laser by Jenoptik are the perfect pump sources for fiber lasers and disk lasers. Due to their high efficiency by over 70% with very low beam divergence, they guarantee high output power and a high brilliance for long service life and low costs.

The 9xx nm single emitter with an aperture of 90 microns have a power output of 12 Watts. The efficiency of this performance and installation to passive heat sink is 64 percent. The maximum attainable efficiency is 74 percent. The 9xx nm mini bars are a perfect laser source: combine the high brilliance of the single emitter, with the low cost of mounting the bars. Maximum efficiency at an output of 55 watt and Assembly on a passive heat sink is 69 percent.

The improvement of the efficiency of the full bars for 976 nm with a fill factor of 20% particularly evident. These ingots reach an efficiency of 66 percent at 80 watts of power. For the optical pumping of disk lasers, the bars for a wavelength of 938 nanometers and 50 percent developed fill factor. Their efficiency when mounting on passive heat sink and a power output of 200 Watts is 64 percent. All the Jenoptik semiconductor lasers are manufactured under strict process control and meet the demands for highest quality, reliability and service life. New fiber-coupled diode laser module for materials processing. Jenoptik introduces a newly developed fiber-coupled diode laser module on the basis of half bars on the LASER in Munich. With this module, which a power output of 200 Watts from a 200 Micron fiber with 0.2 delivers, lasers & material processing Division expanded its product portfolio in the field of high-brightness fiber-coupled OEM modules.

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