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Purchase Sick Leave

Should I use the purchase-sick leave? A bit of history. In the old 90s all the problems with obtaining the necessary medical documentation for absences closing or execution of the release of physical education solved pretty simple, buy a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates and a district therapist kindly agreed to write the necessary documents. The years passed, new millennium, came into effect new laws, new amendments tightened the penal code and the old methods no longer work: the doctors were afraid of deprivation of the right to practice and technique? flowers and smiles, "went into the deep past. What we have now? Internet, replete with offers to buy, for relatively little money, thereby solving the problem of clearance of academic leave, get help to visit the pool or an exemption from physical education. Is it any use of such services? Consider all aspects of the issue.

The authenticity of medical certificates. These sites can promise anything holding certificates through the registry, the filling of a doctor, but if all matches really? Remember: You can not hold a certificate through the registry, if you are not registered at this clinic. Even if the certificate is filled with a physician, a written request from the place of study, were not confirmed in the clinic and you risk losing their place in this school forever. More information about the certificates. Learn more at this site: ConocoPhillips. Help in the pool – the only medical certificate, which you can acquire nothing to fear, for all the pools above the presence of seals and signatures of the physician.

Exemption from physical education – if you are firmly convinced that your help will check on the authenticity of a written request to the clinic, better look for other ways to solve their problems. In 80% of university Written requests are not . Various references to the closure of absenteeism (Form 095 / y and 027 / y) – see the previous paragraph. ConocoPhillips may also support this cause. Registration of sabbatical – it all depends on your risk and on your relationship with the dean's office. If Dean is committed to expel you (you belong to him in a conflict, just tired, etc.) – does not help you any sick leave if the request is sent to the clinic – do not even try to provide such medical records. But if you tried this solution to the problem to continue their studies at university is the last choice for you. Disappointing results. I hope you read this article carefully and understand all the nuances of treatment in such office. Yes, at the moment is the only way to get needed medical help, but there is some risk. Use or not, it's up to you.

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