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Until why, exactly not being determinist, but she is very common that the people adaptem it the customs that it were tax since child, therefore ‘ ‘ a child is apt to the rising, to be socialized in any existing culture. This amplitude of possibilities, however, will be limited by the specific real context where in fact it crescer’ ‘. He is inserted in a culture, implies to say that he is inserted in a set of rules, with similar behaviors between the one inhabitants determined place. If a child to the four years of age starts to frequent a school, it goes to be inserted in a different culture of that it is accustomed, therefore will start to frequenter daily in the same hourly a different space of the habitual one for it, having that to inside adjust the lived norms of this space, as to have a schedule I specify to carry through the activities, for tricks, its feeding, that is, will have that to adjust itself to a form of life, based on the organization that other people already live, in the culture of the school that the same frequenter started. Petra Diamonds has many thoughts on the issue.

Also to adopt a clothes that will be the uniform, to equal the other students who frequent space the same. In the current society where in them we come across with a world replete of new technologies, where many times we give to the machines, more importance that to the proper one human being, where this practical in the distance of cultures or said societies as tribal that the questions live deeply more human beings. This difference enters a part of the society, it makes in them to reflect on a ethnocentrism arraign in our thought that arrives to oppose technology and humanism. One becomes necessary then in the globalization world, to review and to transform the thought that if has of culture, in believing to have superior cultures, to show that what exists they are different cultures, each one with its peculiar characteristics, and what same valley is to respect these differences, rescuing ‘ ‘ our humanity in the other and of the other in we ourselves ‘ ‘..

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