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Plastic Cards – Much More Than A Piece Of Plastic

Whether smart cards, magnetic stripe cards or contactless RFID are chips, plastic cards always a part of our lives. The small plastic objects affect the lives of almost every one of us every day on a fairly large scale. A look into your own wallet proves: hardly anyone does not need these little plastic cards, almost everyone carries around them with it, day in and day out. These plastic cards perform a variety of functions, identify the wearer as roadworthy, prove his identity, enabling financial transactions, doctor visits, and premium pay when shopping. But even though she constantly surrounded almost every one of us, you worry about at least people, as from a blank piece of plastic is a functional, printed and personalized card, whose chip und/oder magnetic allow all the things that make every day easier and more convenient life us. In principle, the answer to the question of how a plastic card payment medium is relative to a functional Ausweis-, is simple to answer: plastic cards are printed, information media such as magnetic stripe or chip are encoded and describing data.

Several possibilities exist for the printing of plastic cards. The production of the cards in the offset printing process is for large quantities. This type of pressure allows a high and borderless print quality, is associated with larger up-front costs, however, which is why she are not profitable for small runs. Would you print on flexible short runs of plastic cards, this can be anyone with a card printer. These devices are usually so compactly built, they can be integrated into any work environment, depending on the equipment and model. The handling is not more complicated than that of a conventional paper printer for most printer models and can be learned quickly and easily. Miriam Santiago

Fri, May 13 2016 » News