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Thus, the target group is clearly defined: professional photographers and videographers. The map satisfies all tasks and demands, which is now on the market available state of the art photo and film equipment to memory cards. While the Delkin elite 633 X “, is full of technical innovations, future-proof. Because it is well prepared for the further development in the field of camera technology and the continuous improvement of the resolutions related and increase the amount of data to be transferred. The Delkin elite 633 X “- map uses ultra standardized by the secure digital Association high speed” (UHS-I)-specification that allows speeds of up to 104 megabytes per second on the bus interface. With all the technical progress, the fully backward compatible with SDHC and SDXC devices is guaranteed. The memory card can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow of existing devices. When using UHSkompatiblen devices are so storing large data packets and simultaneous recording in real time possible.

“More exciting features, such as built-in error detection and correction (ECC), as well as the extensive protections to the cards at vibrations, loss of data to protect against vibrations and high UV radiation, make the Delkin elite 633 X” to the ultimate memory card for highest demands. Specifically with regard to the cards open unexpected and diverse application possibilities video films due to their speed advantage normal SD memory cards to. The UHS-1 specification brings a significant performance improvement in conjunction with SDXC and SDHC compatible cameras users and therefore is a must in terms of full-HD streaming, 3D video and fast raw photography. Long storage intervals, which were high-speed photographers and filmmakers in the past problems, a thing of the past, because a noticeable performance boost faces up to it “class 10” cards of conventional design. Features read speed up to 95 MB per second write speeds up to 80 MB per second HD video from up to four hours UHS-I SDHC card format specifications length storage capacity (32): 8 / 16 / 32 GB data storage and simultaneous recording in real time error detection and correction (ECC) reliable operation even under the hardest conditions, such as vibrations, vibrations, strong UV radiation…

backward compatible with SDHC and SDXC cameras, camcorders and co-operations availability and more information the “Delkin elite 633 X” card is now available with capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB in the well-stocked photo retailers. For more information about the Delkin elite 633 X”memory map and overview of dealers to obtain your at: In the distribution of: HapTeam (stand 29.07.2011) the HapTeam GmbH is a major distributor in the field of analog and digital photography, based in the Bavarian Eching since its inception in 1991. In the product range are exclusively products with outstanding quality, according to the modern State of technology and with an excellent price – and Performance ratio. These include premium brands like Tamrac, Hoya, Tokina, Lensbaby, and many more. Sales in Germany and much of Europe via the retailers, wholesalers, distributors and shippers. The products are available in almost all well-known photo shops.

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