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Delkin Elite 633 X – One The Currently Fastest SDXC Cards

Up to 80MB / s write speed for HD and 3D video and high-resolution photography. The new Delkin elite 633 X “for filmmakers and photographers developed, who place great demands on speed and data security and want to be well prepared for use under extreme conditions. Large photo and video data transferred at high speed from the card to the computer, during which time you can continue uninterrupted shooting or filming. With maximum reliability, ultra-fast memory operations and full device compatibility Delkin sets new standards in the development of SD memory cards. Each card goes through extensive quality tests and exams, which is gezollt to the high demands on the reliability and the functionality of this small technical marvels. The “elite 633 X” is a powerhouse, it is one of the currently fastest SD cards on the market. Comes from the Delkin and the maximum speed is designed for operations, and Require reliability. You are predestined for use in the area therefore combined with the most powerful DSLR cameras and camcorders professional photography as well as the high resolution HD and 3D videography.

The new Delkin elite 633 X “can read data at a rate of up to 95 MB per second and write up to 80 MB per second. It offers the demanding users in about the triple performance from normal “class 10” memory cards. To achieve these high transmission speeds, the Delkin elite works 633 X”with an ultra high speed bus interface. Are child’s play for this powerful memory card of even series of photos in raw mode, because up to 10 photos in high resolution in their memory can be written per second. Large, fast amounts of data to be stored in the memory-intensive films in the high-resolution full-HD format or in 3D any other card major challenges would be, stores the Delkin away easily and without loss of speed.

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