Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


It is lived immersed in an ocean of sounds, even so not if it has conscience of this during most of the time. For the man, to appreciate the sounds of the universe is current fact since the times most remote of the humanity. Peoples and diverse cultures present different sonorous landscapes. The sonorous landscape in which each people lives brings itself the feeling of belonging, to be part of that environment. Some artists of music are felt inspired in different sonorous landscapes to make its musical compositions that are created not only by musical instruments but also by the sounds of the natural landscape. In the truth, today the world suffers from a sonorous superproduction, has as much information acoustics, for that is important that the school stimulates the children to perceive, to identify, to imitate and to coexist of healthful form the diverse sounds of the environment where they live and they circulate socially, it is interesting also that it helps them to the school to understand its individual relation with its sonorous landscape. This work ‘ ‘ Imitating a landscape sonora’ ‘ it will have to be carried through with pupils of 1 to 4 year of Basic Ensino.

The same he aims at to develop in involved a capacity to sensetize itself to observe, and to understand the sounds and its importance for experience in family, the school and the community where they are inserted. The challenge to construct some sonorous landscapes by means of voices is for the participants a playful and pleasant experience. For the challenge it will have to be demonstrated suggestive images in order to assist the pupils in the accomplishment of the task proposal.

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