Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Contemporary Philosophy

A wide inclined environment for the sprouting of a infinity of fetiches was created, in the marxist direction of the term. By the way, the same ones if have become each time more banal. To search on this problematic one urges of the necessity to go deep itself the knowledge of the process of social alienation, which makes with that the human being atrophies each time plus its capacity rational and, consequently, if becomes susceptvel more the disastrous influences of the pautada mannering standardization in the futilidades of the consumerism. Thus, the objective of this study is to understand better this dynamics, having for base the thoughts developed for Adornment, Horkheimer and Baudrillard. Questions of the Philosophy Contemporary: shades for a reflection pautada in the hopelessness.

Century XX presented definitive characteristics that had decisively molded the history of the society contemporary. We can say that, of certain form, to direct the look for century XX it is to come across itself with a context permeado for wars and the banalizao of the life. The industrialization of the world, or the parts that had passed for the process of industrial modernization, and of the funestas consequences of the colonialismo of the countries said of first world occurred of sufficiently latent form on excessively. The intense alienation occurred of workers, whom if they had transformed into basic parts, however dismissable, of the capitalist gear. He also characterized himself for the advent of the changes in the communication forms, with the popularizao of the radio, the telephone and the invention of the Internet. Important paper in this context played the electric energy. It is the century of the production in mass of a series of utensils, cars and weapons. Relembra the ecloso of the Cold War, the space race, the inevitable unemployment, the hunger, the waste of families and dreams.

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