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Ultrafast Learning What would you think if I told you that there is a type of learning in which you can get quality content, a simple mechanisms through holistic integration of the organism? … I probably would respond that it is not posiblea . But look: a 1) Just to have begun to understand the capabilities of the human brain is thought to present the man (and woman) took only 10% capacity, amount has been rising as the passage of time and human evolution. 2) The empowerment of the individual: A fully integrated and enhanced person is able to learn much more than an individual without ello.a This should clarify the concepts of integration and empowerment of the individual. Integration of the individual integration means anyone individuoa internal psychological process whereby the body unites all its parts and actively involved in the process learning, obtaining with this velocidada and quality in the learning process. a Through investigations on the mechanism of thought in the sixties and onwards, has been able to conclude that the human brain has two hemispheres: the left hemisphere, the one responsible for logical thinking, analytical and rational, while the hemisphere law is responsible for intuition, creativity and imagination. Similarly the joint action of both hemispheres on Ela body, produces the effect called holistic integration, ie natural This trilogy integration and coordinated working together is the secret of the holistic integration, ie, which is implemented throughout the potential of the body, allowing a quality learning both qualitative and quantitative, thus the holistic means that the person does not intend to be naked (for the exclusive action of the left hemisphere) and half of their learning capacity emotions, and creative mind are all there: you can focus on one, but all integrated into one body, the others are still present and conclude its resonance. Normally we ourselves biased and we impose on ourselves sectors, which can not be.

Superaprendizajea techniques linking him all over again. Let’s look at the classroom you need this revolutionary method: a) average number of students per course: 25 b) a Banks: a 25 with padded chairs with soft seats c) a Excellent team player music, with its own catalog of classical music CDs ena. a Description of a typical class: The teacher comes in and puts a classical music concert as a backdrop, students review and read the texts to develop during class, class is and the teacher repeats the word and phrases synchronized rhythm with the music, students emotionally and synchronize their pace with the rhythms of classical learning, lower your anxiety and become more calm, while the teacher is talking imperative tone at times, and with softer tones and occasionally whispering time. He stops occasionally. a has been described in some experiments carried out with older people, in their assessment obtained at an average use of French class, close to ninety percent.

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