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An interesting aspect with respect to the origin causes and micro conditions that control them, is that you for many of them, to be monitored just as hearing, touch, smell sensory observations, sound and of course vision. The tools and techniques of the monitoring of oils In Situ extend and enrich future technicians, especially when you start report anomalies. Adding up the monitoring of oils with other technologies of proactive maintenance routine inspections protocols, along with obtaining a full movie of the State of lubricants, advances in knowledge of the State of health or condition of the equipment. c) identifying and informing recordable conditions: for critical equipment, the monitoring of oils should always be carried out according to its condition and not by fixed time parameters (monthly, every 3 months, each 600 Hrs, etc. Does not respond to the objective). This provides a flow of permanent information on the condition of the machinery and lubricants. A well designed management program must include software of monitoring with automatic alarm capability. This alert capacity, shall be effective to the extent that the monitoring and their consequential analysis oils will be of optimal quality, as well as sampling techniques and levels of pollution established goals.

Anyway, the important thing is that out of boundary conditions are reported promptly to the maintenance planners, and take immediate preventive actions. In this area, the maintenance organization must adapt to various control parameters; lubricants, equipment, lubrication and structuring immediate responses to deviations showing them to be monitored. Indicators of measurement micro, which should at least be considered, are: number of annual deviations above the target levels of pollution and humidity. Percentage of samples with results of condition deviated from their target, with respect to the total samples of the program. Average days of response and correction of reported anomalous situations. Pickup times of It shows compared to the plan.

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