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Windows XP

That Windows XP takes between us from 2001 does not mean that people use no longer it. In fact, one calculates that more than half of the users of computers still it uses east operating system. If you are one of them you will have given account of which your PC Windows XP has been aging with the years, but does not have why to worry since there are several things that you can do so that more express goes. To the length of the nine years passed from the nine years passed from the launching of Windows XP, we have learned numerous tricks and techniques to accelerate the system, best of which they are in this guide. It follows our advice and you will have just a short time in a Windows XP like new, and even better in some cases. 1 – To eliminate wished programs the application Revo Uninstaller does not analyze the applications before using the desinstalador that Integra.

Unloading and installs software from and brelo. You will see a list of all the installed programs. Double beam click in one to begin its desinstalacin, and later in Himself. 2 – Taken care of of the disc hard It realises this in all units. It sees beginning > My PC, you click right in first and chooses Properties > eyelash Tools. It presses the button To verify now, it marks the two squares and it presses To initiate. If Windows XP finds and solves errors, and thus you can notice an improvement of yield 3 – Access to the virtual memory If you have two hard disks, moves the pagination file to raise the yield. It sees Beginning, you click right in My PC and chooses Properties > Options outposts. In Yield, it presses the button Configuration, it passes to the eyelash Options outposts and punctures in Changing in the section Virtual memory 4 – To select the new unit to obtain the best result selects the used partition more of the fastest unit.

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