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Editorial Prensa Iberica brings you the illusion of the lottery of the child after the success of the special Christmas Lottery December 22 with more than 1.3 million unique users and 21,000,000 page views according to Site Census, Editorial Prensa Iberica Group presents a special on the lottery of the child. In this special, you’ll find all the latest news concerning the extraordinary of the child draw in addition to videos, photographs, the widget with the draw numbers and curiosities of the draw. Follow on January 6 live from your computer or mobile phone child extraordinary sweepstakes on out what happens during and after the draw with news, the best photographs, videos and, of course, the reactions of the fortunate. In addition, since our awards search you can check the lottery of the child instantly. Simply enter the number with which you play to know in real time if you’ve been graceful with any of the prizes. Widget of the child to bring closer if possible the illusion of the lottery to the users, Editorial Prensa Iberica launches a new free software with which you can check instantly on your blog, your website, or your iGoogle if your tenths of the lottery of the child has been awarded. This widget is installed quickly and easily and gives you the results of the live draw for automatically. Download the widget from the child of the PPE Group..

Fri, February 26 2016 » News