Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Gaia Hypothesis

In this way, the individuals will be in conditions to participate in the collective definition of strategies and activities in walked to eliminate the problems that re-echo in the quality of the environment (UNESCO, 1980). According to IBID (1992) the perception of the fragility of the human being ahead of the planet can be analyzed and be reflected, from the studies carried through for researchers, who mention the planet as an alive, auto organism regulated by the dynamics of the factors livings creature as not the livings creature, and the human beings are only plus an existing species, inside of this regulation, that is, the Gaia Hypothesis, that it looks to show of simplified form, the fragility of the human being ahead of the planet, which possesss the power of regeneration, different dynamics of the man who, a time that its species ceases will not have the lesser possibility to return the existences in the land. In accordance with Top (1991, P. 141) ' ' the bedding of the degradation is not in the ignorance of the ecological processes of the nature, but yes in the predatory style of the appropriation of the resources naturais' '. Then, the way more adjusted to fight this problematic one, according to Reigota, is the ambient education, that must be an education politics, where each clarified citizen, return-to be responsible making for, knowing them the reason to be making something, and not only to know as to make, thus making with that the individual reflects on the proper actions.

(IBID, 2001). This leaves clear the practical necessity of the individual one of each human being pledged for the preservation and sustentation of the environment, therefore through a global awareness it will only have greater possibility of a reversion of the current picture ambient where if it finds (IBID, 2001). In accordance with this new model of organic agriculture, exists the necessity of the implantation of changes technological, but politician-economic and not only also social, a time that one of the main problems generated for the old model was the agricultural poverty.

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