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Jaw Crusher Structure

The Overview of Jaw Crusher Structure Only clearly understands the structure of the jaw crusher can we better use and maintain jaw crusher. The jaw crusher is mainly composed of fixed body, rotating body, safety device and adjustment device. 1, fixed body: the main component of fixed body is rack, whose manufacturing process includes: carbon steel casting and carbon steel plate welded rack rack. Welded rack is added to several dabbers on the basis of the original steel casting rack to achieve the same effect as steel casting rack through strict quality control and the specific process requirements. In order to prevent serious wear and tear of sidewall, the left and right side of the crushing chamber rack are equipped with a shield which can be easily replaced.

2, rotating body: composed of the moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearings, software systems and other parts, it is the main part of the jaw crusher to drive and endure force. a, moving jaw is consists of the movable jaw bracket and movable jaw plate and other components, movable jaw bracket is made from 35 # cast steel, and goes though quenching and tempering treatment. b, jaw crusher eccentric shaft is made from 45 # steel, and goes though quenching and tempering treatment. c, bearing adopts double row radial spherical roller bearings, with characteristics of fine-tuning, large endurance and durability. d, jaw plate can be divided into fixed kind (plate) and flexible kind; in order to enhance the crushing effect, surface is equipped with optimized tooth type and adopts ZGMn13 material with high hardness, wear resistance, having good effects. 3, adjustment device: the device is used to adjust the discharging and control the size of the jaw crusher discharge size. Jaw crusher adjustment device made by our company has two forms: long wedge type and plunger gasket type; It is easy and flexible to adjust and can adjust size conveniently and flexibly, can achieve stepless adjustment.

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